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History of Liverpool

There doesn’t seem to be any indication of ancient settlement in the city of Liverpool. In fact, the area isn’t even mentioned in the 1086 Domesday book. Records from 1190 show that the area was known as ‘Liuerpul’, which could mean a pool of muddy water. This certainly suggests that there was no settlement here at this time. The Normans built a small castle near Liverpool but King John is credited with the creation of Liverpool when he founded the port in 1207 and invited settlers to live there. Parts of Ireland had recently been conquered so the King required an extra port to send men and supplies across the Irish Sea. Liverpool was a good choice thanks to its proximity to the sea.


Working in Liverpool

Liverpool is one of the most important economies in the North of England. It’s a well known fact that Thatcher’s Britain crippled the northern economy during the 1980s and Liverpool was among the worst hit cities in the nation. Indeed, things got so bad that the Toxteth riots flared up in 1981. These riots are known for being one of the worst periods of civil unrest in modern British history. However, towards the end of the 21st century, Liverpool started to find its feet economically.


Living in Liverpool

Liverpool is a city with a population of just over 400,000 and is known for having a population that has a ‘never say die’ attitude and always tries to see the brighter side of life, even through the hardest of times. Locals are often known as ‘Scousers’ and are famous for their quick wit. The city suffered a terrible tragedy in 1989 when the Hillsborough Disaster claimed the lives of 96 fans who supported the city’s most famous football team, Liverpool F.C. This was a horrible end to what was an appalling decade for the city as high employment saw the economy falter. However, Liverpool was made the European Capital of Culture in 2008 with the city and the people hoping to see a major improvement in the city’s economy.


Top 10 Places

It isn’t easy to come up with the top 10 places to visit in Liverpool because the city is famous for so many reasons. If you’re looking for art, entertainment, sporting activities and music, living in Liverpool will be a treat as you are about to find by browsing through our top 10.


10 Top Companies

Liverpool has had a terrible time of it in the 1980s but has recovered economically from the late 1990s onwards with its GVA increasing by over 70% between 1995 and 2006 and its employment figures up over 10% since 1998. Tourism and leisure are Liverpool’s two biggest sectors with the city officially the sixth most visited in the UK. In fact, Liverpool is in the top 100 when it comes to world’s most visited cities.



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