Download CV Templates - My Liverpool Jobs

Download CV Templates - My Liverpool Jobs

Below are 3 sample CV templates in Microsoft Word format which you can use as a starting point for your CV.

Click on a thumbnail to download the CV to your computer (we recommend that you save the template to your desktop rather than clicking open.)

CV1 - Graduate CV

This CV style is a good approach for those who lack relevant work experience.

Page one of the CV is there to showcase your qualifications and further skills where relevant, and you should place your experience or work history further down. By tailoring your CV this way, you increase your chances of catching a potential employer’s attention and getting that interview!

Remember don’t solely rely on good grades to catch their attention. Do you have relevant life skills from extracurricular activity? Did you volunteer or were you involved in clubs or societies? This could help you stand out from the crowd!

Download CV Template 1

CV2 - Changing Career CV

A skill based CV is the best approach here, it demonstrates your ability to apply knowledge and skills to different or developing sectors and roles. This CV should highlight your transferrable skills and above all your can do attitude.

You don’t necessarily have to start in a junior position as your previous work experience should stand you in good stead, if you tell your prospective employers all about them.

Download CV Template 2

CV3 - Changing Jobs CV

If you are going for promotion or changing jobs then you should choose a chronological CV style (i.e. you put your most recent experience first). It’s the most common type of CV used.

Remember to show off your achievements think of situations where you went ‘above and beyond’ your normal duties. Even if it’s an internal job your boss may have noted your achievements at the time, but you still need to remind them of your successful endeavours.

Download CV Template 3

We hope you find find these CVs useful. A warning however - a surprising amount of people think that just because they have a CV which looks good, that it is good. This is a huge mistake. While presentation is an important factor to make success of any CV, it is just one of the number of factors and is not as an important as the actual content of your CV.

With time and effort most people can create a CV which looks quite good. However, the tricky bit is getting it to sell your skills properly and say exactly what an employer was to hear. This is easier said than done.

Please feel free to use these templates as a starting point. Would you like to create the perfect CV in 5 easy steps? Click here!

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